Olympic Fire Protection Corp. is a licensed contractor, performing installations predominantly in Minnesota and Iowa

Olympic Fire Protection Corp. has performed sprinkler system installations in many types of buildings and equipment including commercial, industrial and manufacturing facilities, hospitals, clinic, nursing homes, hotels and motels, high rise apartment buildings, offices, single house dwellings, high tech communication buildings, computer rooms and large cooler and freezer installations. Also casinos, power generating plants, cooling towers, food processing plants, meat processing facilities, parking ramps, freezers and institutions.

Types of installations include wet systems, dry systems, pre-action systems, and deluge systems which may include fire pumps and water storage tanks, FM200 systems for computer areas, AFFF foam systems for heliports and other special hazard type applications, small and large paint booths, protection of exhaust ducts and cooking surfaces, to name a few.

The design department is comprised of personnel some of which have a Nicet Level Two to Nicet Level Four certification as well as some having architectural design backgrounds. They are well-trained and skilled in fire protection system designs, having worked with sprinkler codes and requirements of all phases, insurance, State and local authorities.

The Installation department is made up of highly trained personnel that are licensed in the State of Minnesota and Iowa, and perform all types of installations, service and inspections.